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Welcome to our Testimonials page! Here you will find written testimonies from our current and previous clients, as they describe their experience using our patented and copyrighted Negotiable Security Instrument to pay off their debts. Although our simple 8-step process has been tested and proven, each person’s experience is unique and interesting. This is to give you hope and confidence as you stand up to the bank(s) and take back your freedom.

Dear Adventurer And Soon-To-Be Former Debt Slave,

If you’re like me, you’re probably curious about this whole CAP Security Instrument thing. Is it legit? legal? Does it work? Is this David fellow trustworthy? Will he help me if I have questions or difficulties or will he just take my money and run? Allow me to tell you my story; perhaps that will help you decide.

I had (that’s right, past tense!) a second mortgage on my primary residence. My husband and I had already been completely debt free once in our lives, but after our daughter was born, we bought a new car and renovated our shabby kitchen, yada-yada…$66,000 in debt. I found David via his YouTube channel and decided to give it a try. Now, by “decide”, I mean I sat on it for months going back and forth about should I or shouldn’t I. Ultimately, I just said “What the hell, it’s only money. Worst case, I’m a gullible sucker and I’ll get over it. Best case, the debt is discharged.” That day, I called David and — wait for it — he actually answered his phone. Folks, how often does that happen? After speaking with him for long enough to get a good gut feeling and trust level, I ordered the eBook, read it, filled out my info, and got the ball rolling.

I’d like to tell you more about the process, because I’m sure that’s what you’re most curious about, but first, let me jump to the end and tell you that the bank accepted the IPN and discharged the (alleged) debt. So, David’s process worked for me. Period, the end.

Now, about the process. YOU are what makes this whole thing work. David provides the documents and consultation (or in my case, a lot of hand holding), but YOU do the work. YOU go to the post office, the bank, the notary, the copy place. YOU have to be confident enough in the process, the law, and your rights to deal with people who don’t know what the heck you’re doing, don’t trust you, don’t understand how banking or financial instruments really work, some of which hate their jobs, and some of which may just flat out refuse to help you or do their jobs.

David with customer

For example, my first hurdle was that my post office didn’t have the stamp I needed. The next post office I visited had the stamp, but wouldn’t cancel it. I had to escalate things to the post office manager, the Postmaster General, then drive around to get to a post office that would cancel my stamp. That was just step 1. I also ran into difficulty with my bank manager, who was very suspicious of the whole process, asked many, many, many, many questions, and it was up to me to stay calm, be confident, secure in the knowledge that what I was doing, while unusual, was not in any way shady, unethical, or illegal. Banking is just one big game of “got your nose” (no, you don’t) and I’m finally getting wise.

Ultimately, what helped my bank manager feel comfortable enough to sign and accept the CAP Security Instrument was me telling her that I trust David, understand what I’m doing, and feel comfortable with the process, the amount of money I paid David for document preparation (though I did not disclose how much), and ANY future outcome of the situation. My bank manager is acaring person, who was more concerned about me being protected than about her getting in trouble for accepting the CAP Security Instrument.

So, bottom line, my debt was discharged. It cost me money (David’s fee, postage, Secretary of State authentication fee), some stress, and about 2 days of effort (running around to post office and bank branches, making copies). However, that debt is gone — poof! — and I thoroughly enjoyed burning my mortgage statement in my backyard fire pit to celebrate. I would do it all over again and plan to repeat the process for debt on a rental property I own.

If you’re ready do get educated, confident, take back your life, and be bold, you know what to do. Order the eBook, fill out the info, and work your way through the process to financial freedom.

Oh, I almost forgot, I too was concerned about David’s fee? Why so much? Well, ask yourself, is his fee more thanyour debt? Would you rather pay your debt amount or his fee? I decided I’d rather pay his fee. I don’t expect him to work for free (would you?), understand it costs money to prepare documents, and figure that his fee is just high enough to motivate people to follow through on the process. Like I said, this process takes effort on your part, so his fee is like your complimentary kick in the butt to get up and make it happen. If it doesn’t sting a little, what’s your motivation?

I hope my letter has helped you. Wishing you financial freedom,

Hanna in Toledo, Ohio

CAP Security Instrument Paid Off My Mortgage Early

I had been searching for months for a way to pay off my mortgage early and finally I stumbled upon a YouTube video by David Young de God from cancel1mortgage.info that intrigued me about a way to pay off one’s mortgage with a promissory note security. Because I have been ripped off about mortgage payoff before. I had used a woman from Colorado that advertises on YouTube, and she took my money and sent me a worthless piece of bond paper promissory note to pay off my mortgage without any instructions. She promises to help you for free, but her free costs dearly. She is a Scam artist, but seems so honest in her Crazy Lady YouTube videos. She did mention in one of her videos that she obtained her promissory note information from David Young de God without his permission…

Paid Off BMW in 14 Days with CAP Security Instrument

I contacted David about the CAP Security Instrument to pay off my BMW after I did my due diligence and a lot of research before attempting a call. I checked with the National and Florida Better Business Bureau, BBB, and saw no complaints and the “A” Rating. I inquired as to how long David David Young de God and DAY GLOBAL, LLC, (DG Processing Enterprise) had been a paying member with them and the Manager at the Better Business Bureau, in Pensacola, Florida informed me that David nor DAY GLOBAL, LLC were paying members. This told me that David Young de God and DAY GLOBAL, LLC were square shooters with an “A” rating without paying for the rating as members. This impressed me, because in order to receive an “A” or “A+” BBB rating, you have to pay for it by becoming a member, but not in this case. I did not stop there and kept researching for over 2 month before I actually ordered David’s CAP Security Instrument E-booklet for a mere $19.95.

IPN Paid off My Home

David Young de God of www.debtloanpayoff.com processed my IPN in a little over 3 weeks and the bank accepted it. Now my home loan is paid.
Thank you David, I from LA

Foreclosure Smasher

I purchased the CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note Processing from David Young de God and he quickly mailed me a Note Security form of Bank Money per Title 12 and 31 from the U.C.C. banking laws with full written instructions on how to complete the Note.

David continually supported me by answering any questions I had through the process. David has an amazing amount of experience with this process and is continually refining the process based on feedback from customers, courts, and banks. Before I purchased the Promissory note from David, I had researched all options.

Our property by the time all additional service fees and penalties were added up was not worth the traditional correction. I had called attorneys and they all required between $5,000 and $10,000 for retainers. My results with bar certified attorneys has been costly and never winning in court. State bared attorneys are just officers of the court that don’t really help you they can quickly clear your check thought. I spoke with the very arrogant attorney representing the Bank. I was extremely angered by the criminality with the banks and how the foreclosure process is basically just a way to steal properties from individuals.

Later when I went to court after my “David Young de God” CAP Security Instrument Promissory note was accepted as payment and I was able to talk with the very arrogant attorney. The look on his face was worth a million [dollars]. Additionally, it was a great pleasure to file a Claim against the bank for $1,000,000.

It was also a pleasure to ask in discovery about the forgeries in the original Mortgage documentation that we had identified. I was in court and spoke with the DA and he told me that only 5% of home owners respond to Foreclosure suits. I completely understand why, if using the standard method or retaining an attorney for $5,000 to $10,000 then getting hammered in court.

However, using the “David Young de God” CAP Security Instrument process you decimate the bank…. literally. You get your deed free and clear and lien removed. When Homeowners find out about this, [it] is a game changer. At the end of the day we were able to stand up to the criminally operated bank and crushed the “foreclosure machine” and forced lien removal and receipt of deed.

David Young de God’s intention is to help homeowners combat the bank’s fraud, and we are very thankful for all of the effort David provided in the most amazing service offerings I have ever witnessed. I recommend this service offering 1000% and making sure everyone I know uses David and Cancel1Mortgage.Info for solving a great injustice in today’s society.

RD from Florida

CAP Security Instrument Paid Off My Mortgage

Debt and Loan Payed Off Thank you sir, for helping me get my home back from the banks 03/28/2017

[Do you have documented proof that your procedure is effective and bears no legal consequences?]

No law exists to declare anything illegal that does not exist! For instance, bank loans do not exist, because money as we know it is created by banks thru securitization and monetization from your signature. In other words, money is created into existence when you borrow money and sign your signature from your Straw man legal fiction redemption account. I have found that you can pay off your debt the same way by using the banks’ own contract laws but you must present it properly. David Young de God is not an Attorney and does not practice law as far as my research goes, but he told me what questions to ask the judge at my foreclosure hearing and DAMN!!! If they did not work. I now have my home free and clear and the bank lost… but the court must have erased my case.

I went back to get a copy of it the next day and the clerk could not find my name or court case anywhere! This shows that the courts do not want people to know when you win a case using the Legally Processed CAP Security Instrument processed by David Young Legally Licensed Processor.

David Young de God

Blown Away by the Ease

I researched this subject and then reached out to David Allen Young, a legally licensed professional Financial Documents Processor who helped me payoff some of my debts, and I am amazed at the simplicity!

Every person involved on stamping or signing any of the Negotiable Security instrument documents cheerfully did their job without any questions. It was the easiest thing in the world to get signatures to create a valid legal financial instrument that is accepted as cash. I am blown away by the ease! It’s the real deal and it works! Proof is in David’s CAP Security Instrument E-booklet.

Tony D

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