Promissory Note and Mortgage Promissory NOTES are Legal Tender

A Promissory Note is a commercial or residential mortgage credit agreement or other credit agreement Application. Everything you sign pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code of contract law is a “promissory note”. A promissory note is also a debt instrument and Bank Asset money since 1933 Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES. Not all promissory notes are the same.

Some promissory notes are credit agreements to create a bank debt while other promissory notes, like the Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instrument, CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note registered in the commercial registry are used to pay off debt and bank loans.

Banks have accepted the CAP Security Instrument type of promissory note bank money to pay off or discharge debts. According to Title 18 United States Code §8,  the debt payment obligation of the Borrower/DEBTOR has been pre-paid under Bankruptcy when you utilize and pay off or discharge your mortgage or other debts with the CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note by legal definitions and pursuant to the Title 12 U.S.C. banking laws approved in the 1933 United States Bankruptcy.

So you can use the Credit Agreement CAP debt discharge Security Instrument Promissory Note to pay off all your debts over $10,000.00 after we receive your items needed and agreements to do the legal processing of this special Credit Agreement debt Payoff Promissory Note so you can be DEBT FREE Tomorrow..

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