Banks Accept Promissory Notes for Credits from Transaction Account to Eliminate a Bank Loan

The Bank accepts then exchanges your actual cash value Promissory Note from the Credits of your Transaction Account and fraudulently imitates a bank loan to you..

It is just an exchange, your actual cash value consideration first loan for a presumed bank loan which cancels each other out, so you should get your property for free since you gave them the cash funds, the first loan as an actual cash value consideration Bank Asset, RIGHT??

The Bank loans you no money, legal tender, or currency, but tricks you into signing a SECURITY AGREEMENT, the Credit Application Lien Promissory Note or the Mortgage Lien Contract in addition to the Promissory Notes Security, and this is where and why you have to pay the Bank Corporation fiat FRN money face amount back with Interest!! Can you prove me wrong?? I am NOT an Attorney, but I have researched, read the MODERN MONEY MECHANICS Chicago Federal Reserve Bank Financial Money Book on How Money is created and attended many court cases over the years in my interviews and research to find these facts for you.. Please, comment on this video and let us know what you think..

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