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Welcome to CancelledMortgage.com, Home of the CAP Security Negotiable Security Instrument. This website is owned and operated by DG Processing Enterprise. We are about helping families/homeowners who are facing foreclosure; have an underwater mortgage; or who simply just want to pay off their mortgage, with our specially prepared, patented CAP Security Instrument Counter Offer (formally known as Little Promissory Note or LPN).

We educate you, the home owner, on how to receive a Release of Lien / Satisfaction of Mortgage through the bank when the NSI is traded or sold. This process should also work with second mortgages, being that these Notes are processed in the same (or similar) manner as primary mortgages.

Our primary goal, here at DG Processing Enterprise, is to get the banks to Receive and Accept the CAP Security Instrument as full payment, which is defined by various U.C.C. banking laws as money; legal tender; and U.S. Currency. The banks negotiate Promissory Notes in their normal daily course of business, and this is how we get you out of debt, legally!

David Young de God, founder of DG Processing Enterprise, is a licensed processor who has fully dedicated his time to helping consumers throughout our nation free themselves from the largest debt that they will owe, their mortgage. This is not (and has not been) an easy journey for him, as many have tried to duplicate it and have run into legal issues along the way. Many years of studying and research has gone into knowing how to properly and legally prepare this document.

This first step is understanding that one must become a Private Banker in order to legally issue a Negotiable Security Instrument to your bank, one bank communicating with another. However, please be advised that we are not attorneys or accountants, and we do not offer any legal or financial advise.

DavidOn March 1, 2001, without my knowledge, my first home in Louisiana was foreclosed. I was residing in Florida when this occurred, because my girlfriend (at the time) started a new job there, so we had to move. I started researching to find an answer to my dilemma. I started attending debt seminars; went to law libraries where I spent thousands of hours as well as spent over $200,000 over the years researching; interviewed bank managers; interviewed attorneys who were limited in their knowledge; learned debt and credit repair; and I researched the school system before 1871.

Then, I saw a promissory note that went hidden in 1871 with the ACT of 1871, the official Second Constitution. Seemingly, I discovered that our current public school system stopped teaching the True Common Law Republic of the organic Constitution; the Declaration of Independence; and the meaning and purpose of a promissory note.

Then, finally, I found the gem: the Security Act of the 1860’s. The outline is in my CAP Security Instrument eBook. During this time, there was still real gold and silver coins, lawful money and no Central Bank system. I worked hard and did further researched and interviewed even more attorney judges while in Collage as a student. Back in the 1980’s, judges were more willing to help struggling students learn about the legal system and even mortgage foreclosure laws.

In 2012, I sold my first International Promissory Note, after I figured out a way to become a State of Florida licensed document processor. It took me eleven years to learn how to get my Security Processing License and how to properly process an IPN. In November 2014, the Little Promissory Note (or LPN) was born. From that point on, I’ve improved the LPN greatly and still making improvements, thus the birth of the CAP Security Instrument.

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Established on October 6, 2012, Private Bankers National Banking Association (PBNBA) is a legal and lawful unincorporated bank under Common Law and Federal Law. You must be a Private Banker in order obtain the authority to legally write and issue DG Processing Enterprise’s Preprocessed CAP Security Instrument (or promissory note), by signing your signature, to pay off your debts on the same par as the Federal Reserve Note Dollars, pursuant Federal U.C.C. Law in Commerce and Common Law.

Your evidence of debt is the bank’s Security Instrument, which they use to trade and securitize, exponentially earning them more money, per the United States Code of Banking Law Title 12 U.S.C. > Chapter 2 > Subchapter 1 > §24 (Seventh).

When you become a Private Banker and Lifetime Member of the Private Bankers National Banking Association, you will receive a Registered, Certified Membership Certificate; ten (10) value shares of the Constitutional Common Law Private Bankers National Banking Association, Private Company Common Stock for free; and a discount of $500 on every processed Negotiable Security Instrument.

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