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Understanding the definition of money is paramount and the gateway to your financial freedom, by ridding yourself from the massive amount of debt that you owe…without filing bankruptcy!


Customers Testimonials

CAP Security Instrument Paid Off My Mortgage Early I had been searching for months for a way to pay off my mortgage early and finally I stumbled upon a YouTube video by David Young de God from cancel1mortgage.info that intrigued me about a way to pay off one’s mortgage with a promissory note security. Because I have been ripped off about mortgage payoff before. I had used a woman from Colorado that advertises on YouTube, and she took my money and sent me a worthless piece of bond paper promissory note to pay off my mortgage without any instructions. She promises to help you for free, but her free costs dearly. She is a Scam artist, but seems so honest in her Crazy Lady YouTube videos. She did mention in one of her videos that she obtained her promissory note information from David Young de God without his permission…
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Sarah, San Francisco, California
Home Owner
Paid Off BMW in 14 Days with CAP Security Instrument I contacted David Young de God about the CAP Security Instrument to pay off my BMW after I did my due diligence and a lot of research before attempting a call. I checked with the National and Florida Better Business Bureau, BBB, and saw no complaints and the “A” Rating. I inquired as to how long David Young de God and DAY GLOBAL, LLC, (DG Processing Enterprise) had been a paying member with them and the Manager at the Better Business Bureau, in Pensacola, Florida informed me that David nor DAY GLOBAL, LLC were paying members. This told me that David Young de God and DAY GLOBAL, LLC were square shooters with an “A” rating without paying for the rating as members. This impressed me, because in order to receive an “A” or “A+” BBB rating, you have to pay for it by becoming a member, but not in this case. I did not stop there and kept researching for over 2 month before I actually ordered David’s CAP Security Instrument E-booklet for a mere $19.95…
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Ivory, LA
Car Owner
No law exists to declare anything illegal that does not exist! For instance, bank loans do not exist, because money as we know it is created by banks thru securitization and monetization from your signature. In other words, money is created into existence when you borrow money and sign your signature from your Straw man legal fiction redemption account. I have found that you can pay off your debt the same way by using the banks’ own contract laws but you must present it properly. David Young de God is not an Attorney and does not practice law as far as my research goes, but he told me what questions to ask the judge at my foreclosure hearing and DAMN!!! If they did not work. I now have my home free and clear and the bank lost… but the court must have erased my case. I went back to get a copy of it the next day and the clerk could not find my name or court case anywhere! This shows that the courts do not want people to know when you win a case using the Legally Processed CAP Security Instrument processed by David Young de God Legally Licensed Processor.
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Brandon, San Francisco, California
Home Owner

How Does it Work?


Join our Debt Termination Community to receive your DG Processing Enterprise and PBNBA e-Booklets. Once you become a member of our Community, you will have immediate access to the proof of bank acceptance, debt payoff, pricing structure, and the necessary steps that need to be taken to purchase your Negotiable Security Instrument to pay off/Discharge your debt in 14 days.


You will then receive simple, detailed step-by-step instructions on how to process your documents via email, as well as receive your Private Banker’s Certificate, Authorization, and original Negotiable Security Instrument that is used as money via first class mail to payoff your debt. You are now a Private Banker, a Creditor, a National Bank per legal definitions and the Law, and DEBT FREE!


Submit payment for your Negotiable Security Instrument as well as fill out and submit all necessary documentation, including your application to become a Private Banker which is included in the Legal Processing for one small price.

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